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Friday, September 24

9:15am EDT

Ecosystem of a UX Leader
Whether you are an individual contributor, UX manager, or UX Director, to be a successful and effective UX leader, you need to be connected to the larger organization, build relationships and depend on so many of your counterparts. In this talk, we will review some strategies and tactics that can help you focus on growing your ecosystem.

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avatar for Kanwaldeep 'KD' Singh Arneja

Kanwaldeep 'KD' Singh Arneja

Senior Director, User Experience, Clarivate
KD Singh Arneja has been in the industry since 2003. While working with startups and mature companies, he has designed and delivered delightful products that have been the culmination of UX, Agile practices, and Design Thinking, all while working with high-performing teams.KD is currently... Read More →

Friday September 24, 2021 9:15am - 10:00am EDT
5 - Liberty (Career)

10:15am EDT

We will set up breakout rooms for our group mentoring sessions. There will be two mentors in each breakout room. Up to 10 people can attend a given breakout room, on a first-come, first-served basis. Note that we will have two types of group mentoring sessions:
  • "New to UX" or "Career Changers"
  • "Career Development"

avatar for Bob Thomas

Bob Thomas

President, UXPA Boston Board of Directors
Bob Thomas runs his own user research consultancy. Previously, he was Director of User Research at Liberty Mutual Insurance, where he worked for 12 years building a user research practice and managing a team of 10 user researchers and interns. His background includes user experience... Read More →

Friday September 24, 2021 10:15am - 11:00am EDT
6 - Ballroom (UXPA Boston)

10:15am EDT

Stakeholder Relationships: Leading UX researchers to greater success and impact
As leaders our own practices have matured over time. In our own stakeholder relationships, we’ve learned by doing, succeeding and failing, course correcting, and elevating to new approaches. If we’ve been paying attention, which UX researchers do by definition, our communications and relationship strategies have and do meet greater and greater success.

In this advanced, interactive session we will share our bumps and bruises, as well as how we resolved them and grew. Discover how real-world UX researchers and teams evolved their approaches for greater impact and success. Case studies with seven, proven techniques will serve as guide and inspiration. Each has themes and situations, throughout UX research lifecycles and experiences, that familiar to nearly everyone in our field. In workshop fashion, we will bring together our own collective wisdom and maturing practices to increase the efficacy and, indeed, enjoyment as we lead emerging researchers and leaders in our field.

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avatar for Laura Faulkner PhD

Laura Faulkner PhD

Head of Research, Rackspace Technology
Laura Faulkner, PhD, is the Head of Research for Rackspace Technology. For 25 years she has worked to establish and expand the field of user experience and human research in technology and design. Dr. Faulkner’s expertise is rooted in that experience backed up by a Masters and PhD... Read More →

Friday September 24, 2021 10:15am - 11:00am EDT
2 - Back Bay C/D (Design)

11:15am EDT

Crafting Communication and Inquiry: Visual Thinking Strategies for UX
Deep observation, diversity of perspectives, active collaboration, psychological safety, comfort with ambiguity: all are fundamental to successful, engaging work in UXD, yet few experiences cultivate these skills simultaneously. One way to get there is through the dynamic experience of looking at and discussing art, then applying what you learn to your crucial conversations and interactions. You’ll experience and learn more about the discussion methodology, Visual Thinking Strategies. This research-based approach originated in museums and is now applied in UXD and business broadly. After we guide you through an art discussion, we’ll share a business case to connect the dots. You’ll take away a carefully worded question that deepens evidence-based reasoning.

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Josephine Holmboe

Director, UX Design, Fidelity
avatar for Dabney Hailey

Dabney Hailey

Hailey Group

Friday September 24, 2021 11:15am - 12:00pm EDT
5 - Liberty (Career)

12:15pm EDT

Lunchtime Table Topics
We will set up breakout rooms in Zoom for our lunchtime table topics. Two facilitators will lead each topic. Up to 12 people can attend a given topic, on a first-come, first-served basis. These are our topics:

  • Agile/Lean UX
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Career Development
  • Design for Behavior Change
  • Design for Social Change
  • Health UX
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Enterprise UX
  • User Research
  • UX Managers
  • UX Strategy 
  • Voice and Device UX

avatar for Bob Thomas

Bob Thomas

President, UXPA Boston Board of Directors
Bob Thomas runs his own user research consultancy. Previously, he was Director of User Research at Liberty Mutual Insurance, where he worked for 12 years building a user research practice and managing a team of 10 user researchers and interns. His background includes user experience... Read More →

Friday September 24, 2021 12:15pm - 1:00pm EDT
6 - Ballroom (UXPA Boston)

1:00pm EDT

Boost your Emotional Intelligence to move from good UX to great
The industry shift towards human-centered design and a democratized design process has encouraged UXers to optimize results by directly involving the people for whom they design. But humans are complex, and certain personal interaction skills don’t come naturally to everyone. Navigating diverse priorities, opinions, and personalities is difficult. Ethnographic research, co-creation workshops, cross-team design reviews, multidisciplinary project teams, socializing and defending design decisions with stakeholders, all should require UXers to self-reflect on how they handle situations. A typical design education doesn’t completely prepare UXers for the challenges of a role that sits at the intersection of many other disciplines.

The greatest UXers I’ve observed have one thing in common – emotional intelligence (EI).

The term emotional intelligence has in recent years become quite commonplace, but many often mistake it to only mean keeping a cool head in all situations. During this talk, I will describe the four competencies of EI: Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management and take a closer look at how great UXers express these and why they’re critical to make an impact in any UX career.

The talk will also contain actionable advice on how new and experienced UXers can build these competencies so they’re able to connect with, understand and persuade important stakeholders in the design process.

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avatar for Priyama Barua

Priyama Barua

Experience Strategy Director, MERGE
As a service designer, design researcher and experience strategist, her work affects the lives of many people and can change the strategic direction of large Fortune 500 member companies. She leverages a background in design, business and education, to create compelling experiences... Read More →

Friday September 24, 2021 1:00pm - 1:45pm EDT
5 - Liberty (Career)

2:00pm EDT

Mentoring Session
avatar for Bob Thomas

Bob Thomas

President, UXPA Boston Board of Directors
Bob Thomas runs his own user research consultancy. Previously, he was Director of User Research at Liberty Mutual Insurance, where he worked for 12 years building a user research practice and managing a team of 10 user researchers and interns. His background includes user experience... Read More →

Friday September 24, 2021 2:00pm - 2:45pm EDT
6 - Ballroom (UXPA Boston)

3:00pm EDT

10-minute talks
Josephine Massey - To Run Successful User Interviews, Be Prepared to Throw Out the Script
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If you’re a UX designer or researcher running user interviews, you will spend a large part of your time writing interview scripts. You’ll craft the perfect introduction, make sure to match your questions with your-research goals, and try to think of the best open-ended ways to get at what you’re trying to learn—without leading your user on. But sometimes putting so much time into the perfect script doesn’t allow you to actually react to what your user is trying to tell you.
Especially if you’re early on in your UX research journey, it can feel like you need to stick to a plan. However, interviews often don’t go as planned. I’ll share some insights into how departing from your script and learning how to be adaptive in your interview can produce far more useful and rich research findings.

Nouran Shehata - Storytime: How 4 Peers from non-UX Disciplines Created a UX Practice at a Large Enterprise
Session Survey

Companies now more than ever are realizing the importance and value of more intentionally integrating UX into their software development practices. While this realization is a great first step in achieving your true potential as a company and delighting your users, a series of questions typically ensue: Where do I start? Should I hire the folks for this function externally? Should I recruit in-house? What processes do I need? How do I hold my organization accountable to UX practices? Will these UX practices play nice with AGILE software development? What does success look like and how do I measure it?

And so with that being said, I’m going to tell you a story. A story of a Product Manager, a Program Manager, a Content Designer and a Data Engineer who were tasked with answering these questions and more. Four people with no background in user experience were tasked with spinning up a UX function at their organization and spoiler alert: they figured it out and learned a considerable amount along the way.
As the individual tasked with leading this initiative and maturing this practice, I’ll be presenting the 8-month journey that led to many, many actionable lessons learned on creating a team structure, understanding the product development landscape of your organization, acknowledging/recognizing your stakeholders, proving “your worth” as a new function to the enterprise, creating the UX processes that will help you design/identify/measure user experience improvements for your organization’s products and last, but certainly not least, how to realistically define/measure success to tell a profound value story for your UX practice (especially if you have no prior UX experience or budget for formal UX practitioners).
Scaling UX for the first time at a company is never an easy feat or one size fits all, but if we can do it, we’re confident you can take some of these lessons, tailor them to your organization and create your success story.

Georgiy Chernyavsky - Passing Contrast Check does not Always Ensure Pleasant Reading Experience
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Web elements that meet accessibility requirements for contrast are not always easy to read. This may sound like absolute nonsense. We have WCAG for a reason, they are scientific, they help us design the better web for all the people, right? Well, it is not as simple as that. People’s judgements are quite subjective, even when they are rooted in simple human biology. By formalizing the way users perceive web pages with standards such as contrast ratios we are simply taking an educated guess. And this guess may not work for everyone, there will always be extremes. Such as people with a certain type of colour blindness, who still prefer a colour combination that does not pass the contrast check, but instead “feels right” for them. Surprisingly, there exist certain “accessible” colour combinations that are WCAG compatible, but difficult and unpleasant to read. Well, what do we do then? Join me in this short talk on colour palettes and accessibility, where we will review an example of accessible-inaccessible design element and learn our options of dealing with the problem.

avatar for Georgiy Chernyavsky

Georgiy Chernyavsky

Senior Product Designer, Citrix
avatar for Josephine Massey

Josephine Massey

User Experience Designer, Harvard Business Review
Josephine is a UX designer and leads UX research at the Harvard Business Review. She thrives in the early-stages of the design process where she can tackle complex user flows and champion a research-first approach. Prior to HBR, she designed experiences and educational resources across the US, UK and China working within edTech and travel. Josephine is an active me... Read More →

Nouran Shehata

Product Experience Manager, SMB and Key Accounts, UnitedHealth Group
Hi! I’m a native Jersey girl (recently turned southerner) with an unwavering passion for product management. My experience has primarily been in creating outstanding healthcare products for our commercial business line, but as of last year, I was charged with one of my greatest... Read More →

Friday September 24, 2021 3:00pm - 3:45pm EDT
5 - Liberty (Career)

4:15pm EDT

From the Workplace to the Classroom: Teaching User Experience
As the UX industry grows, more opportunities to train new generations of researchers are emerging. Experienced practitioners with full-time jobs now make up adjunct professor or instructor positions in graduate programs, bootcamps, and online learning programs. But why should UXers branch out into teaching, on top of full-time work? This panel will bring together a adjunct professors, lecturers, and educators in the UX domain, to help explain why.

Together we’ll review the following:

  • Backgrounds
  • How to get started
  • Overview: masters programs, certificates, guest lectures, conferences/smaller events
  • Goal setting/What does success in teaching look like?
  • Challenges & Successes
  • Overall Tips- pay, rights to content, etc.
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avatar for Saloni Borar

Saloni Borar

Director, User Experience and Product Design, Salesforce
avatar for Kevin Liang

Kevin Liang

Founder, Senior UX Researcher, Zero to UX
Kevin Liang is the Founder of Zero to UX and a Senior UX Researcher at Upwork with over 10 years of behavioral research experience, 6 of which in the UX industry at various Fortune 500 companies like Google, Uber, Volkswagen, and Stubhub, as well as consulting startups. He has received... Read More →
avatar for Shanae Chapman

Shanae Chapman

Founder, Principal UX Designer, Nerdy Diva
Shanae Chapman is a UX Professor at Lesley University and Founder of Nerdy Diva, an agency that helps tech start-ups grow and scale into mature businesses with excellent user experience, strategic diversity and inclusion, and investment in their community. She is an O’Reilly author... Read More →

Sylke Lopez

Sylke Lopez is a user experience design consultant at IBM. She has over 8 years of experience applying and facilitating design thinking methodology to build enterprise wide solutions from concepts to full fledged tools. She has experience designing solutions for the telecommunication... Read More →
avatar for Grace Phang

Grace Phang

Professor, User Researcher, Crunchbase
Grace is a Professor of User Research at New York Institute of Technology and a Senior User Researcher at Crunchbase, democratizing the process of finding data about people and contacts. Prior to Crunchbase she worked for Liberty Mutual and the Tufts spatial cognition lab, examining... Read More →

Friday September 24, 2021 4:15pm - 5:00pm EDT
5 - Liberty (Career)

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