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Friday, September 24

9:15am EDT

Design for Users Everywhere – How to Craft a Meaningful International UX
Our products are no longer used in single markets. Internet accessibility and digital innovations have reshaped the global user landscape. Nearly 60% of the world’s population is online, and 74% of those people do not speak English.
To drive user retention and business impact outside of your home market, it’s crucial to craft a user experience that resonates with an international audience. Resonance goes beyond “translating the UX copy.” It requires a deep understanding of the local users’ behaviors and their contexts of use to inform design efforts.

This talk will illustrate what makes an international user different, why we need to consider international UX & inclusive design, and 7 timeless tips that you can embed in the foundation of your UX process to set you up for success and help you drive international impact at scale.
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avatar for Yingdi Qi

Yingdi Qi

Senior Solution Consultant, Google

Friday September 24, 2021 9:15am - 10:00am EDT
2 - Back Bay C/D (Design)

11:15am EDT

The UX of Conversational Design
Conversational Design has high demand for good designers and the demand is increasing daily as the technology becomes better. We are expectng a future with voice-integrated visual interfaces; an understanding of voice interface is therefore becoming increasingly important for UX designers. This presentaion will connect UX concepts to conversational design, so that you can articulate and relate your skills as an experienced UX designer when interviewing for a Conversational Design job or a job that requires you to work with a conversational designer. Conversational Design courses and resources will also be shared.

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avatar for Yina Smith-Danenhower

Yina Smith-Danenhower

Conversational Product Designer, XAPP AI
Yina is a Conversational Product Designer at XAPP AI. XAPP AI provides conversational AI customer self-service and business productivity solutions for large and medium sized businesses. XAPP AI is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Independent Software Provider (ISV), part of the AWS Contact... Read More →

Friday September 24, 2021 11:15am - 12:00pm EDT
2 - Back Bay C/D (Design)

1:00pm EDT

The Indispensable Principles of Designing Complex Interfaces
Complex, data-intensive apps pose serious UX challenges, requiring crowded UI that only Excel ninjas could love. Learn the secrets to building compact digital products that perform powerfully and help people get real work done. Change the way you think about constrained UI. Users will love you for it.

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avatar for Dean Schuster

Dean Schuster

owner/principle, truematter
Founder and partner of truematter, a user experience strategy firm, Dean has created user-centered digital products for 25 years. He oversees truematter’s UX practice, leading strategic engagements for regional organizations as well as the Fortune 100.Dean specializes in defining... Read More →

Friday September 24, 2021 1:00pm - 1:45pm EDT
2 - Back Bay C/D (Design)

2:00pm EDT

Oh No! Avoiding the Unintended Consequences of Design
As UX designers, we have the best intentions for the products we create. The trouble is, we don’t always anticipate the things that cause problems -- the unintended consequences.

It’s the design consequences that we didn’t see coming that can have large ramifications, and even do the opposite of what we set out to do.

So how can we avoid this? How do we strive to avoid the consequences that can trip up our designs? Creative Director and Senior UX Strategist Cindy Brummer explains the steps designers can and should take in their practice.

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avatar for Cindy Brummer

Cindy Brummer

CEO, Standard Beagle

Friday September 24, 2021 2:00pm - 2:45pm EDT
2 - Back Bay C/D (Design)

3:00pm EDT

Over-complicated? Over-simplified? The UX Efficient Frontier
For years we, designers, have been celebrated for making everything easier. For decluttering complex and convoluted interfaces. For adding a bit of emotion to all those dull screens. But can we go too far sometimes?
What makes for a good user experience is entirely dependent on who uses it. There is a danger in treating complex problems as if they were much simpler than they really are. Especially in industries like financial services! When simple becomes simplistic, we run the risk of disempowering our users.

In this talk, you'll find out:

  • How to find the right balance between simplicity and complexity
  • How not to be overwhelmed when designing for complex apps and tools
  • How to design with advanced users in mind
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avatar for Morgane Peng

Morgane Peng

Design Director, Societe Generale CIB

Friday September 24, 2021 3:00pm - 3:45pm EDT
4 - Republic (Research & Panels)

3:00pm EDT

UX design without sketching
Can you design without sketching? As a recent poll indicates, most likely not. While sketching is the heart of the design process and is a great way to suggest and explore design alternatives, it's time to ask: Isn't sketching really UI design, and true UX design requires broader thinking using other tools?
In this talk, Everett will explore what sketching is all about in the UI vs. UX context, leading to an emphatic "yes" to the question above. [the presenter] will then share several examples of UX design challenges that were done better by delaying sketching, [the presenter] will explore three ways to design a user experience without sketching.
By attending, you will learn three important UX design tools that you probably aren’t using now.

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avatar for Everett McKay

Everett McKay

Principal, UX Design Edge
UX Design Edge

Friday September 24, 2021 3:00pm - 3:45pm EDT
2 - Back Bay C/D (Design)

4:15pm EDT

Designing meaningful visualizations: a case study in connecting users to their data
Information fuels decision-making and motivates action—but only if data makes sense to its users. Across many industries, customers often find themselves distanced from making informed choices when they fail to interpret data and extract relevant insights. Designers must face the challenge head-on to find the right balance of context and focus when presenting narratives with data.

This presentation will discuss a case study about a medication adherence app that grounds the research and design of data visualizations in patients’ perspectives and behaviors. Learn about user-centered methods like scenario validation, decision tree diagramming, and comprehension testing that can advance your practice and create products that use data in ways that resonate with your customers.

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avatar for Ben Elgart

Ben Elgart

User Experience Designer, CVS Health

Friday September 24, 2021 4:15pm - 5:00pm EDT
2 - Back Bay C/D (Design)

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