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Friday, September 24

9:15am EDT

Navigating the Complexity of Trust
Trust is complex and transient. Context, safety, privacy, respect, and many other considerations are built into each individuals’ concept of trust. How can we examine this complexity in a way that supports the work of making digital experiences? What research supports this work and how can we use practices of responsible development to make systems that earn appropriate levels of trust? What is an appropriate level of trust for emerging technologies such as machine learning systems? This talk will examine trust and how UX practitioners can define and measure it.

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avatar for Carol Smith

Carol Smith

Sr. Research Scientist, Human-Machine Interaction, Carnegie Mellon University's SEI
Carol Smith’s UX career spans 20 years, collaborating on complex problems and working across industries and platforms. She has worked on improving interactions and integrating ethics for humane experiences with artificially intelligent systems, autonomous vehicles, and other emerging... Read More →

Friday September 24, 2021 9:15am - 10:00am EDT
1 - Back Bay A/B (Research)

10:15am EDT

Partners in crime: lessons learned from collaborative research with analysts
There is so much power when combining quantitative and qualitative research methods yet we often run into hurdles when trying to collaborate across disciplines in practice. If your organization has the luxury of data analysts but does not have a mechanism for working together, this session is for you! Too often we miss out on great research opportunities because of competing priorities across business units or lack of understanding of each others’ roles. In other cases, we have the best intentions to collaborate, but combining methods becomes painful and inefficient.

As a UX Researcher and Product Analyst who frequently partner on research initiatives, we want to bridge the gap between our two roles. We’ll discuss the unique impact that collaboration can bring to your organization. You’ll leave this session with an understanding of common challenges encountered when working across these two disciplines and will learn concrete tips to lead more effective mixed methods research.

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avatar for Margot Lieblich

Margot Lieblich

Research Lead, HubSpot
After stumbling into a design thinking workshop while working in healthcare IT, I found my passion in the field of UX and design research. Since that happy accident, I've gone on to complete my Master's in Human Factors and Information Design at Bentley University and currently work... Read More →
avatar for Richard Ng Villalobos

Richard Ng Villalobos

Senior Product Analyst, HubSpot

Friday September 24, 2021 10:15am - 11:00am EDT
1 - Back Bay A/B (Research)

11:15am EDT

Give Me the Quick Version! Using One-Pagers to Communicate Research Findings Far and Wide
A year ago, I created a one-page research summary template based on user research with my stakeholders. I will take you through a blueprint of the one-pager and the ways you can use it in your organization to share your findings more effectively.

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avatar for Mike Ryan

Mike Ryan

Principal User Experience Researcher, Liberty Mutual Insurance
Mike is a Principal User Researcher at Liberty Mutual Insurance and works on a variety of mobile and desktop applications for sales and service tasks. Mike has been working in user experience since 1995 for companies including Thomson Reuters, Trend Micro, HP, Staples, Welch’s... Read More →

Friday September 24, 2021 11:15am - 12:00pm EDT
1 - Back Bay A/B (Research)

1:00pm EDT

Fighting Back Against Fictional Personas
The creation and use of personas can be a hotly debated topic among UX practitioners. Many of us have experienced the pain of crafting detailed biographies of current or target customers that represent people that we have no evidence actually exist in the world. In an effort to achieve empathy, focus is given to attributes that don’t really matter to our design work. Project teams then get attached to these figments of our collective imaginations and craft solutions for people that have no basis in reality. And this attachment makes it challenging to update the personas when we get actual data in the course of our work.
In an effort to combat creating fictional representations of customers, the speakers advocate for incorporating quantitative research into persona development with a focus on uncovering behaviors that will matter to the design and are likely to correlate in populations. We can leave the demographics that probably don’t matter for UX behind and still create empathy, differentiation and the team short-hand for user goals that personas provide so well. 
In this session, we will discuss a case study where this methodology was used, our results and what we’d do differently in the future.

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avatar for Colleen McCretton

Colleen McCretton

Director, User Experience Design, Fidelity Investments
I have a background in the arts and product management and a passion for helping people. I love gaining deeper understanding of users and creating delightful user experiences out of complex and overwhelming processes.
avatar for Emma Murphy

Emma Murphy

Director, User Research, Fidelity Investments
Emma is a Director of User Experience Research at Fidelity Investments, where she focuses on improving her fellow employees’ ability to get their jobs done seamlessly and efficiently and introducing new products and services that make their workdays healthier, and more comfortable... Read More →

Friday September 24, 2021 1:00pm - 1:45pm EDT
1 - Back Bay A/B (Research)

2:00pm EDT

How to develop your own UX Research Panel
Are your user research and usability initiatives hobbled by an inability to quickly bring in appropriate participants for research studies? In this presentation, you will learn the process for creating a participant panel tailored to your team’s user research needs. We will cover the full sweep of steps involved in developing a panel that include defining requirements, evaluating panel platform vendors, developing online and in-person recruitment strategies, operational best practices, data management and security, how to keep participants engaged, and gaining political and financial support to build the panel. Audience members will learn the practical steps around building a user research panel from concept to realization. They will also walk away with practical knowledge and a reading list of articles, podcasts and books that describe how to build a successful and cost-effective participant panel for UX Research.

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avatar for Kay Corry Aubrey

Kay Corry Aubrey

UX Researcher and Trainer, Usability Resources Inc
Kay Corry Aubrey is an independent usability consultant and trainer from the Boston area. She particularly enjoys working with organizations who use technology to build community. Kay trains product managers and market researchers in User Experience and teaches within Northeastern... Read More →
avatar for Jeff Sokolov

Jeff Sokolov

Principal UX Designer, Nuance Healthcare
Jeff Sokolov is currently a Principal User Experience Designer working in healthcare UX at Nuance Communications.  My work is focused on identifying and designing solutions that seek to remove the administrative burden placed on clinical staff. Prior to my current position, I was... Read More →

Friday September 24, 2021 2:00pm - 2:45pm EDT
1 - Back Bay A/B (Research)

3:00pm EDT

Converting to UX Research: How to Leverage CRO Testing to Kickstart Your Organization's User Research Practice
Presentation Slides

UX research is tough to sell in some organizations. We know that gathering user insights is the best way to design intuitive experiences, but for some stakeholders talking to users is a waste of time and resources that could be spent elsewhere.

I've been in this situation too many times to count, and I'm happy to report that even the most stubborn stakeholders can be won over. From tire retailers to Montessori subscription companies, I've had the pleasure of introducing teams to user research in a way that earns trust through clear business impact: AB Testing.

In this presentation, you will learn how to leverage your team's desire to move quickly and win big to get buy in for conducting UX research. By combining user research with AB testing strategies, you can show stakeholders just how much they leave on the table when the organization is not talking to users.

Together, we will investigate common arguments against running UX research, why AB testing appeals to organizations of all sizes, and how to get started with low-cost user research activities for AB testing programs.
We'll learn how to run usability tests to uncover optimizations and how to build a case for research by tracking user-driven AB test performance.

Finally, we'll look at how one streaming service was convinced to invest in user research and the user-driven AB test that made it all happen.

This session is for anyone trying to start or grow a user research practice in an organization that is low on time, resources, and stakeholder interest.

Presentation Slides

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avatar for Katlyn Greene

Katlyn Greene

Sr. UX Researcher, LogMeIn

Friday September 24, 2021 3:00pm - 3:45pm EDT
1 - Back Bay A/B (Research)

4:15pm EDT

Driving UX outcomes with PURE scores: One company’s journey to metrics through expert reviews
How do we know if the UX team is doing a good job? With executives obsessed with measurement and our obsession with designing great products, how can a team keep up?  Is large-scale user testing the answer, or even feasible?
This is the story of one team's attempt drive change through the Practical Usability Rating by Experts method (PURE) (Rohrer, et al). We have built a system around tracking usability with scores generated by PURE. The challenge is to implement, execute, and report across a broad portfolio of products and workflows aimed at our users. You will learn about our motivation for tracking usability this way, methods for adapting to this complex product environment, and our lessons learned with these tools to drive change for our users.

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avatar for Kevin Berni

Kevin Berni

User Experience Design Director, Dassault Systemes SolidWorks
Kevin is Director of User Experience Design at DS SolidWorks in Waltham, MA, where he leads of team of UX Designers, Visual Designers, and User Researchers who design software used by engineers to design many of the products that we all use every day. Prior to Dassault Systemes SolidWorks... Read More →

Friday September 24, 2021 4:15pm - 5:00pm EDT
4 - Republic (Research & Panels)

4:15pm EDT

SUS Plus: Amp up your usability survey!
Many organizations use standard usability questionnaires such as the System Usability Scale (SUS) to benchmark their products’ usability and track it over time, or compare to competitors. But the SUS on its own does not tell you what or how to improve. Also, the score can be just another “so what” metric, especially to colleagues outside the user experience team who may not be as familiar with it as, say, Net Promoter Score.

Finally, answering the SUS questions is not a very compelling activity for your customers.
How can you amp up your usability survey to increase response rates, give the score context that your stakeholders will care about, and drive more action from the results? I will share a case study that helped me get buy-in for a major redesign project.

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avatar for Kirsten Robinson

Kirsten Robinson

Director of Product Design, BitSight

Friday September 24, 2021 4:15pm - 5:00pm EDT
1 - Back Bay A/B (Research)

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