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Nouran Shehata

UnitedHealth Group
Product Experience Manager, SMB and Key Accounts

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Hi! I’m a native Jersey girl (recently turned southerner) with an unwavering passion for product management. My experience has primarily been in creating outstanding healthcare products for our commercial business line, but as of last year, I was charged with one of my greatest career challenges as a non-UX practitioner—starting & spearheading a UX team for our organization. Needless to say, I have learned a lot and gained a very passionate love for the importance of UX Research/Design.

Talk to me about: Staring UX teams as a non-practitioner, establishing trust as a new UX team for an organization, holding an organization new to UX accountable to UX practices, reskilling folks on general UX practices, OR comedy, content creation, my latest trip or what ya had for lunch today 😂

Fun Facts: Used to be a punk rock radio DJ, gave a TED Talk once on the power of digital storytelling, Certified Open Water Diver, stand up comedy lover/hobbyist, obsessed with TikTok/content creation in general

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